About Us

Shadow + Ember is an online boutique serving quirky and edgy humans that don't fit inside a box, or label. We curate our pieces to represent those who are weird, spooky, wild, and everything between.

Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all things alternative and magical, to service customers like us that aren't finding the current retail market serves their fashion and decor needs.

Because fashion is wellness, style is expression, and we want a world full of authentic humans living their best lives.

We're a small business co-owned by two women with a laser-focus on quality and detail. Each piece undergoes much scrutiny before being listed on the site to ensure our customers are getting the best.

About Jennifer

Hello to you who has made the fabulous choice to read our about page! Let me keep this short and sweet for you: I'm Jennifer. Thank you and have a fantastic day! 💖

Jk, let's get into it a little more--

I'm a proud wife, mother and crazy lady that loves road trips and camping. Washington has been my home all my life. I've also got some fantastic fur babies (2 cats and 2 dogs). However, my husband has asked I stop casually browsing shelter sites fir a few years. We'll see about that...

Ally and I met online during the fun times (winter 2020). When she moved out to WA in 2022, she began talking about owning a boutique and wanting to start a business. I'd always dreamt of owning a business, too. So, I was like, "okay, let's do this," and that was the all she needed to find the confidence to go for it. Thus, Shadow + Ember was born!

About Allyson

Welcome to Shadow + Ember, and thank you for wanting to learn more about us! I'm Allyson, and my story begins with darkness.

In 2020/2021 I had a major mental health crisis. After months of intensive therapies, I decided to transform my life into one that I wanted to live: I got a divorce, made a transcontinental move, surrounded myself with beautifully strong women, and haven't looked back since.

Once I felt well enough, my first job in Washington was at a small boutique. It was there I rediscovered my love of retail. Shortly after, I realized I was unhappy with the clothing options available to me. Stores I'd once loved as a teen and college student had re-branded that I no longer felt I belonged.

Owning a business is something I'd always been interested in, but I lacked direction. That sense of displacement in fashion, wanting to belong and still feel like myself, became my course. After a few brainstorm sessions with Jennifer, and a lot of validation, Shadow + Ember was born.

These days I'm proud to live in Washington with my beau and three cats. Life feels exciting and precious, every day. I have a dual BA in Creative Writing and Philosophy from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA. I love music, magic, the woods, snow-capped mountains, poetry, and moonlight.