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Shadow + Ember

Ritual Bath Blend

Ritual Bath Blend

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Packed with intoxicating herbal aromas, these Ritual Bath Blends are perfect for moon ceremonies + spellwork. For non-witches, simply relax + let the bath blend transport you to calm. Epsom salt is layered with one of four herb blends to help soothe your muscles + your soul.

Each blend is created + handmade by Allyson, our resident witch. Bath blends have been part of her craft since she started in 2020. The vessels are cleansed with palo santo, before + after packaging.


There are plenty of reasons we look to add abundance into our lives. Whether you're seeking money, friendship, power, a greater voice, or whatever, this blend will help you attract what you seek.

Energy Cleanse

Our go-to for banishing negative energy + boosting mental health.


This blend is specially designed to help boost your psychic abilities + intuition. You are an awesome person, + sometimes we all want a little boost.


Love spells are always associated with romantic love, but this one is so much more. Our Love Ritual Bath Blend calms you + cleanses negative energy so you can invest more in yourself, your friends + anyone you cherish.




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