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Shadow + Ember

Imbolc Celebration Kit

Imbolc Celebration Kit

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Awaken from the darkness of winter with light and bright spells dreamed up and blended by Allyson, our resident witch. Each Imbolc Celebration Kit includes: a lavender incense stick, Imbolc mini protection spell jar charm, Imbolc spell candle and glass holder, Imbolc ritual bath blend and reusable bath bag, rainbow moonstone, and our Imbolc simmer pot.

Suggested use and spell:

1. Bathe with the ritual bath blend (in the tub or shower), meditating on the magical properties of peppermint, rosemary, and star anise. Once energetically cleansed, Proceed to the spellwork phase of the Imbolc ritual.

2. Light and burn the lavender incense stick, focusing on calm, peace, and soothing. Recite aloud as you smoke cleanse your space: “With this lavender I cleanse the energy of my space. I invite calm and peace to dwell. So shall it be, or something better.”

3. Imbolc blend simmer pot for *vibes* to fill your home. The blend is designed to help you find the energy for new beginnings!

4. Rainbow Moonstone

5. Imbolc spell jar with black salt. Carry it with you, shaking often, to remind you of your intention. You can also use it with the provided tea light and holder for an honoring ritual.


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