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Blessed Ember

Palo Santo Incense Stick

Palo Santo Incense Stick

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One 3-inch Palo Santo stick.

Palo Santo, or “holy wood,” is native to South America and the Bursera graveolens tree. Like sage, it’s used to open energy pathways and encourage positive energy flow. It has a pleasant scent often described as citrus and mint.

Palo Santo sticks are burned, much like other whole incense herbs. However, it will require longer exposure to flame…about 30-seconds.

Due to concerns about overharvesting, our supplier (Blessed Ember) only sources from reputable companies in Ecuador and Peru. Those governments have strict procedures in place for its sustainable and ethical harvest.

*Shadow + Ember does not sell any items, or encourage calling deities, associated with closed Indigenous ceremonies. We only sell Palo Santo incense, educate on its origins, and condone its use in spellcraft/meditation.



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